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    The Art of Matthew Ward

    Matthew Ward is an artist interested in the expression of ideas and emotions though various patterns and gestures. Passionately exploring and expanding the endless mediums we use to portray a point or purpose in our lives. Wondering why do color or images, sound or smells imply a relation or notion and communicate with us. Capturing experiences lived or dreamed, Matthew imposes images weaving narratives.
  • About Us

    Station Thirteen Studios' mission is to engage the public with original, inspirational art and design. We firmly believe that art and design are foundational elements that connect cultures and communities. We have been immensely inspired by the diverse experiences of growing up in Athens, GA as well as living in various locations throughout the world. We strive to provide relevant content that resonates with the creative spirit in all of us.


    Connect and Cultivate.


    Matthew and Baylor Ward